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New Book

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Happy New Year's

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Well it is that time of year again.. New Year's Eve It could be the happiest time for some people, the saddest time for some and not even a blink of an eye to others. 

But why does New Years Eve really affect people in this way? It's a new start and that should be good right? Well it's also a time to look back and many times when you look back you see the failures, experiences, the losses, etc and that fuels us to make new years resolutions that we never keep this maling us look back at failure and do it all again. 

What about doing it this way? How about looking forward tonight and seeing what the next positive step in your journey is and then write down that step and then when you succeed write down the next step and then you will have success. It is ok to look at the step and see if it doesn't work any more as many of plans have changes and many of these changes have brought about the success tht one has needed. 

You can do more than one plan. There may be one at work, one at home, with one relationship or another but these are all more positive because you are looking forwards and looking to grow and move in a positive direction.

So tonight make a list of plans and and one step to take forward beginning tomorrow and look at it each day to help you move forward. 

So, good luck and Happy 2017 and take one step at a time. 

Goodbye Carrie Fisher

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Have you heard of the Rauhnacht Celebration?

Posted on December 27, 2016 at 9:50 AM

Have you heard of the Rauhnacht Celebration? It begins the day of Christmas and goes until January 6th. 

I had no knowledge of this holiday until this morning. The name itself intrigued me so I had to do some research. It was an old Germanic word with which there are many different meanings when researching. 

However, it appears to be a celebration much like our New Year's Resolutions. It is basically getting rid of what doesn't serve you, the negativity, etc and begin with new wishes for the new year but it also incoporates rituals and intuition. The celebration of the mistletoe, and the idea of New Year's Resolutions are rituals that we do yearly but this takes it a little further than that. It may be where the new year's resolutions began. 

There are 12 nights that are dedicated to this celebration in which each night you begin in meditation that is a reflection of the past and a connection to the future. 

Here are a few ideas to help you with this introspection of the new year.:

Begin with meditation that focuses on what you want to walk away from and what you want to walk towards. Visualize saying goodbye to each of these ideas, habits, feelings, events, etc and allow you to feel the emotion and let them go. Once you have done this you are to look forward and chose a path to take. There are usually many options in your meditations- pathways, concrete roads, trails, lakes, parks, etc. Please chose one and begin walking the path of your future and begin looking for items that you may desire for your future. It may be things such as health and wellness, spirituality and peace, a new job, romance, and even material items. As you come to each of them examine them to see if this is really what you seek and then remember them to write down in your journal. Take time in your meditation and really "feel" as if you are enjoying each of your wishes. There should be one for each night for a total of 13. 

After you finish your write your "wish" for the celebration in your journal and take time to really reflect. Remember there are 13 of these and it begins on Christmas and ends 12 days later. Some people want to make a list from the meditation and cut them up on the first day and then chose one each day to focus on. Either way will work. It isn't the ritual as much as the intent. 

Once you have chose your wish then take a moment in your journal to write about what you see yourself doing with this wish and what you want with it. Then take a deck or oracle or tarot cards and pull one to see what they say about your wish. Take a moment and write down any obstacles, assitance, or anything else that you may see. Once you have completed this take your wish and write it on a sheet of paper and burn it with a candle. This releases the wish into the universe and allows your intent to go with it and evenutally manifest your wish. 

You are to do this each day with your wishes. But also remember to show gratitude and thankfulness for what you already have. I like begining my journal with a thank you first and then do the meditation, then the wish, the cards, and reflection. Throughout the year take a moment each day to refelct on how far you have gone to receive your wishes. Remember that intent can push the wishes to you but many times you must take action. 

So, what are some of your wishes for the next year? Some of mine are personal but others are universal. I am hoping for peace and love for the next year. It is going to be a challange for all but this is what we must strive for. I want to achive more knowledge and find resources to help me learn more about my job as a professor as well as my interests outside of work. I am of course wishing for better health as well as a stronger connection spiritually. 

So, Happy Rauhnacht!

Welcome to Midnight Musings with Bertena

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Good evening and Merry Christmas and welcome to my blog- Midnight Musings with Bertena! I have plans that this become a regular blog where I post my musings, thoughts, ideas, and anything else that hits my little brain! I am hoping that I can do this on a regular basis. I am hoping that this blog will be more like the blog as it was intended.. the insights to the bloggers mind and and not a place to sale books, etc. Those blogs ( and I have had them as well) are great for what they are but I am wanting to go back to the beginning of the purpose of blogs. 

Have you seen the movie Julia and Julia about the cook Julia Child's life and a new cooking blogger and her quest for being like Julia. The blogging in that movie really inspires me to do this blog. No, this will not be about cooking because I cannot cook and that might be a disasterous blog.. or a humerous one.. hum.. 

Well, either way. I am hoping that you will tune in to hear my thoughts that ramble through my brain each day! Welcome to Midnight Musings with Bertena!

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